by Eric Rank
Mondays have a bad reputation. They serve as a stark reminder of the burden of responsibility after the joy of a relaxing weekend. While I am extremely happy to have the blessing of a job to go to, Mondays can easily become overwhelming. Today was one that fit the mold perfectly.
With the time off I have scheduled for the Church Conference, there is a lot of work to do beforehand. Indeed, there is simply more work to do than I can possibly cram into the two days that I’ll work this week. Because of the lack of time available, I have to prioritize at nearly every step, carefully choosing what I will leave undone. Since I work closely with a team of others, the pressure is magnified by knowing that allowing my responsibilities to slip will directly impact the work of others. It’s frustrating to know that there are things I am leaving out of control that I would normally manage with much more order; or at least a little more order.
Just when I become overwhelmed with the volume of things I can’t handle, I am reminded of how little I really can control. Taking a step back, bowing my head in prayer, and trusting in God to take care of my problems makes this Monday, and every hard day, a gift that I am thankful for, no matter how impossible it may seem.

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