This Week in the News

In this segment, we are focusing on the increasing deterioration of the relationship between the USA and EU, which, according to The Daily Mail, “has become frightening.” While The Daily Mail alludes to the “euro crisis” in this context, Der Spiegel Online contends that the “euro crisis” does not even exist.

We are also reporting at length on America’s isolation in the Arab World. The media from Australia, Canada, France, Germany and of course the Middle East and even Israel is taking sides with the Palestinians, against America.

Anti-American headlines are becoming the norm, such as “The USA Cannot Be Relied On…” “USA, Australia and Israel on the Wrong Side of History,” “USA Betrays Palestinians,” “Pax Americana Is Over,” and “Arab Countries Disappointed by Obama.”

We report on Putin’s controversial reemergence and manifestation of Russia’s true power; speak of the pope’s refusal to present an “ecumenical gift” to Protestants and his demand of German Catholics to be obedient to Rome; and conclude with a rather remarkable article on America’s controversial warfare with drones.

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