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by Norbert Link

We begin with further developments in the Middle East in light of the ill-advised Israel-Hamas deal (please view in this regard our previous StandingWatch program, titled,  “The Foolish Hamas-Israel Deal—and What It Means!”), while placing special emphasis on the lies of the Palestinians and Hamas; the perception that America and President Biden are at fault for Israel’s “dilemma”; the fear that America will backstab Israel; and the feeling that Biden is “sound asleep” and lacking a clear view of reality, while the Middle East is burning. Please view our most recent StandingWatch program, titled, Will There Ever Be a Two-State Solution?”

We continue with an outlandish request by Special Counsel Jack Smith, totally violating the rights of millions of American citizens; speak on truly appalling laws and court decisions in New York State, placing the freedom of its citizens in the unscrupulous hands of the government; and we report on unparalleled violence in Dublin, Ireland, with completely opposed reports as to its cause.

We point out Germany’s ever-increasing debacle due to a completely incompetent and out-of-touch “leadership”; publish an interesting, but controversial perspective on the so-called shift to the right that actually isn’t one at all”; and conclude with the dubious position of the pope and the Vatican regarding their “Jewish problem” and the Catholic Church’s persecution of its critics.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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You Must Stay Strong…

These words, “You have to stay strong”, can easily be uttered by outsiders, when the affected person is clearly suffering under certain circumstances.

One might try to strengthen the other person with these words, but whether that alone will help is debatable. And sometimes, I come across people who simply ask, “How are you?” as they walk by, and without paying any attention to my response, they either do not reply at all or just say, “…then take care”.

The world has become very short-lived in its actions, and nobody seems to have any honest care for their neighbor. Society in my neighborhood has changed a lot for the worse, and I would even say that this applies to the whole world.

Not only have people become very superficial and almost everyone thinks only of themselves, but also antisemitism has returned in the most brutal way all over the world. I would argue that antisemitism never went away, it just, for a brief period, didn’t manifest itself to the outside world, and sadly, this condition only lasted for a generation. The words, “We must never forget,” are of no special value.

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UFOs—Aliens, Angels or Demons?

Man’s fascination with UFOs and aliens seems to know no bounds. Apart from science fiction movies, more and more reports are being published of people claiming to have seen UFOs or of having had “close encounters of the third kind,” including having allegedly been the victims of alien abductions.

In a recent article by Politico, dated November 17, it was stated:

“Early in Ronald Reagan’s second term, he asked his Soviet counterpart a seemingly off-the-wall question… Reagan turned to his Cold War enemy and said: ‘What would you do if the United States were suddenly attacked by someone from outer space? Would you help us?,’ Gorbachev later recounted. ‘I said, “No doubt about it.” He said, “We too.”’…

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