Download PDF Dear Brethren and Friends: We are indeed living in dangerous times of uncertainty and ever-increasing suffering and disaster. The most recent tragedy in Asia has shown how quickly everything can change in this world. Many thousands of people, including vacationing tourists, seemingly enjoying peace and tranquillity, were wiped out within minutes. Truly, as the Bible predicts, when man says, “we have peace and safety,” sudden destruction comes upon him (compare 1 Thessalonians 5:3). When I listened to explanations from theologians and other “experts” of this world, as to why the terrible disaster struck in Asia, little, if any, understanding was expressed. Man, being cut off from the true God, just does not comprehend that this is not God’s world. Man, under Satan’s influence, has abused this planet for about 6,000 years, and the combined efforts of the devil and man have produced misery and pain in magnifying proportions. We, in God’s Church, must not become emotionally affected to such a degree by the trauma that is all around us, that we lose our clear focus as to why we are here. Of course, since we are living in this world, we cannot be indifferent to its trials and […]

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