Be Still and Know

By Louise Amorelli

As each day dawns, I realize with more certainty that life is uncertain.  Before I put my feet on the floor each morning, I ask God to take the reins, for Him to be in control. It is my human nature to want to fix all problems immediately and in my own approach, that my day might encounter. Family, health, job issues, world events, dealings with unconverted people, and even the weather can be so challenging, confusing and unsure.

I remember, each time I pray, to acknowledge to God that nothing can be done without Him in my life.  When I come before Him in prayer and humility and when I study His Word, I am reminded that I have to do my part to act and think in a Godly way in a certain situation, with His Spirit to give me discernment. I see the world around me, as it crumbles, while it does not rely on God’s Word or His power, but on man’s own strength and intelligence, even saying that there is no God and that we, the people, can do and accomplish all and decide for ourselves, how we chose to deal with situations.

It is my human nature to want to be in control and rely on my own ways.  But I have to pray always, keep on the whole armor of God, do my part as I study God’s Word, and leave the rest in God’s merciful, loving and mighty Hand. What a blessing to know that God is in TOTAL control and wants to freely give me His peace. I try and remember, when my human nature kicks in, to be still and know that He is my God.

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