Big Corporations, Banks and Us!

by Connie Grade

I just finished watching the recent StandingWatch program, “Do Banks and the Government Control You?” and felt motivated to report about my recent experiences. Our RV Park subscribes to Dish for our bulk TV cable channels. We received notification from Dish that they would no longer accept payment via check or debit, nor would they be mailing out paper statements to their bulk subscribers. We are now required to go to their on line services and set up an online account with them so we can make our monthly payments to them through their services.

Being extremely busy this year at the Park, I totally spaced the fact that I would have to take time out of my busy schedule and go online and create an account with them. I did not receive a paper statement for the month of July and consequently, did not make the payment for that month. I realized this on Friday as I was finalizing my reports for the month of July, so I quickly reviewed what was necessary for me to go on line to create an account. I went through all the requirements, but at the very end I was advised that “the system is currently down.” I contacted Dish by phone, and an individual aided me in getting the account set up and working.  I had to make payment with our business credit card and when I asked for confirmation via email, he said they do not send out email confirmations and that I would need to go to my account and click on payment history and print off a confirmation!!!

So now Dish no longer mails out statements to inform you when the bill is due; they no longer allow you to pay by check or debit; and they no longer send you an automatic confirmation of payment made—instead, the customer is now required to do all the work. They get over $1000.00/month from us, and now we just received notice there is a rate increase going into effect on August 18.

It just seems we are seeing this more and more, just like with the banks.  A while back I went to our personal bank to withdraw a sizeable amount of money.  We found out if it is over $9,999.00 you have to fill out a questionnaire inquiring what the money is going to be used for and then it must be approved by the bank manager for withdrawal. They claimed, it had to do with money laundering and drug money.

Definitely “Big Brother” is watching us more and more!

I also just received notice that the Wells Fargo Bank branch we do business with for the company is closing in October. This branch is always busy every time I go in and conveniently sits near the interstate. So now I will be required to drive across town to another branch to conduct my business.  Perhaps the closure is the result of Wells Fargo having to set aside $8 million dollars to compensate customers affected by a “glitch” in their software resulting in several hundred people having to foreclose on their homes.  They have been fined for other unsavory conduct, and a string of other activities are currently under investigation.

We used to bank with Bank Of America but they closed that branch down a few years ago; this is why we are now with Wells Fargo. It seems we have less and less choices available to us where the government is in charge, or big corporations have too much control.

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