The Sabbath and God’s Commanded Holy Days

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What is the weekly Sabbath and when do we keep it? 

Did Jesus and the early apostles keep this day? 

Are Christians still commanded to keep it today, as the 7th day of the week? 

If so, how should it be kept correctly? 

What about the annual Festivals and Holy Days described in the Bible, such as Passover, the Days of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day?

Did Jesus and the early apostles keep these days?

Are these days still binding on Christians today? 

And if they are, when and how would they have to be kept?

Teach Us To Pray

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Do you believe in the power of prayer?

If so, to whom should we pray?

Are there right and wrong ways to pray?

What are the Biblical instructions and principles that we should apply so that our prayers will be heard?

God’s Teachings on Sexual Relationships

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In a world of confusion, there are many personal opinions when it comes to sexual relationships.  

But what does the Bible say about, for instance, compulsory celibacy, cohabitation outside marriage, common law marriage, interracial or inter-religious marriage, adultery, separation, divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, polygamy or transgender?

Are any of these relationships sinful in God’s eyes?

Has God changed His teachings on sexual relationships, or is He the same yesterday, today and forever?

Is today’s traditional Christianity in compliance with God’s values on sexual conduct and relationships? If not, what significance do wrong concepts on this vital issue have for us today and in the future?

The Keys to Happy Marriages and Families

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Why are so many marriages and families in desperate need of repair?

Why are happy marriages and solid families an exception?

Did God create marriage and family?

Does the Bible tell us something about having happy marriages and families?

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Don’t Keep Christmas

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One of the most observed holidays in the world today is Christmas but have you ever questioned the validity of this festival?

What is the origin of Christmas and its customs?  Do they have anything to do with the birth of Jesus Christ?

How did Christmas become a Christian festival? 

What does God have to say about the celebration of Christmas?

Does He approve it, or does He condemn it?

How to Find the True Church of God

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In a deceived world where there are so many churches which all claim to be Christian in belief, how can one identify the TRUE Church of God?

How can one PROVE which church is teaching the same doctrines that Christ taught? Do you even know what Christ actually taught?

What are the identifying signs of the TRUE Church of God, as revealed in the Bible? Is God’s Church an all-powerful organization, or just a “little flock”?

Jesus Christ gave His Church an important commission, especially in these last days: To preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, to warn the Nations of pending disaster and to feed the Flock.  How is the Church supposed to carry out this commission correctly? 

Angels, Demons and the Spirit World

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Do Angels and Demons exist?

Should we pray to angels or worship them?

Do UFOs and aliens exist? Could there be any connection with demons?

What activities must we avoid as to not come in contact with demons?

Should we try to communicate with the dead?

What are angels and demons doing today?

Could they affect our lives?

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Heavens and Earth… Before and After the First Man!

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What is the history of planet earth?

Is everything that exists today a product of evolution or did God create everything?

Did man coexist with dinosaurs?

Did God create ferocious dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus-Rex?

Does the Loch Ness monster and creatures such as Bigfoot exist today?

Who was the Neanderthal Man?

Did Angels or Demons have sexual relationships with women?

Were there giants on the earth?

Who ruled the world prior to Adam, and who has been ruling it ever since?

What does the future hold for this planet and for mankind?

Is it the potential for humans to become God beings?

Do You Know the Jesus of the Bible?

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Who was Jesus Christ?

What kind of life did Jesus live as a man?

Was He a hippie-like, homeless vagabond with long hair?

Was He married?

Did He have brothers and sisters?

What is the truth about the Shroud of Turin?

Did Jesus endorse violence?

As Christians, we are to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. How can we better understand who and what Jesus Christ was, and how He lived here on earth?

The Fall and Rise of the Jewish People

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Where did the Jewish people originate from?

Are most of the modern descendants of the ancient House of Israel Jewish?

If not, who and where are they today?

Does the Bible prophesy a third temple in Jerusalem before Christ’s return?

Does the throne of David still exist and if so, where could it be found?

What is the “abomination of desolation”; who is the “man of sin” claiming to be God; and what is the “red heifer” ritual all about? 

Why have so many Jews rejected the Messiah, Jesus Christ, as their Savior?

What is the true history of the Jewish people and what is their prophesied future?

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