Will Russia Win Against Ukraine?

There are more and more signs that Ukraine’s supporters in the West are not that anxious anymore to help Ukraine by delivering weapons and money. And without that help, Ukraine cannot survive and win against Russia. Does the Bible indicate as to what will happen ultimately? In this program, we focus on the true feelings of many Western Europeans, and especially Germans, towards Ukraine.

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The False Prophet in the Holy Land

The False Prophet in the Holy Land. The world is again looking at the Holy Land and the ongoing violence there, while the Islamic world is asked to unite against Israel. The Catholic Church is accusing Netanyahu’s “far-right government” of “emboldening” extremists to attack Christians. Also, six Christian denominations are fighting for control of their faith’s holy sites. All of this, and much more, will lead to the occupation of the Holy Land by the “false prophet” with support of the “beast.”

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Catholic Church in Turmoil

Many are concerned that the German Catholic Church will split from Rome. The German bishops are determined to pursue certain “reforms” regardless of what the Vatican says. Others in the Catholic Church are worried that pagan practices and customs are invited into the Church. What could this all mean?

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What Does The Biggest Bank Failure Since The Great Recession Mean To You?

Suddenly, American banks are collapsing or are in great danger. Some constitute the biggest failure since the Great Recession in 2008 and the second and third largest bank failure in U.S. history.  European banks are affected too. Some speak of a coming recession, if not depression, more powerful than that of 1929. Does this mean that we must live in constant fear of financial ruin and disaster, or can we have trust in God that He will protect and take care of us, if we do our part?

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Short Window for Israel to Strike Iran

Many in Israel feel that it is “now or never” to strike Tehran’s nuclear program, with or without American support. At the same time, concerns grow especially in Britain that Iran might soon attack the UK and Western allies. But the UK is actually facing a much bigger threat from another power.

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Prophecies for Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the USA and NATO!

The Bible speaks about an emerging power bloc in the Far East and another power bloc in Europe, all opposed to NATO and the USA. These developments are already happening now, behind the scenes. Some speak about the end of the “American Empire,” as well as the end of NATO. What does this all mean, and WHY is it happening?Download Audio 

Destruction of Al Aqsa and the Building of the Third Temple

How could the prophesied building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount before Christ’s Return come to fruition since the Al Aqsa Mosque stands where many experts believe the first two temples stood? This program presents some realistic possibilities in light of past and recent events.

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America, Britain and Israel Under Attack

A mighty foreign power will attack the USA, Great Britain and the state of Israel at approximately the same time. And none of those nations will be prepared for that attack, which is partially due to the fact that they will be occupied with fighting inside, or that they will not be ready militarily to even think of a defense. This program shows the frightening state of affairs in the USA, Great Britain and the state of Israel.Download Audio 

The Overlooked Story of the Holocaust

On January 27, 2023, the world remembered the Holocaust which started in 1933—90 years ago. But much about the Holocaust has been conveniently ignored or forgotten, which goes hand in hand with rampant Antisemitism, especially in Europe… with terrible consequences for the future, as the Bible clearly reveals.Download Audio 

Is Nuclear War Between Russia and Germany Imminent?

In Germany, there is grave concern that a nuclear war with Russia will break out soon—especially in light of the planned delivery of German Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine. How justified are these concerns, and what does the Bible say about it?Download Audio 

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