by Delia Messier (Canada)

I received a phone call today from a long-time friend who left the Truth several years ago. We had kept in touch over these years,  but she had changed. There was no joy in her voice; there was no hope in her life.  She seemed so empty, compared with what she used to be. The person I knew from years ago was gone.

Then I began to think of why?

Christ said that He would send us a Comforter from the Father. I know that there have been times when I have been very concerned and anxious. But when asking for peace from our Father,  and when doing my part in leaving the problem in His hands, I receive peace.

I can leave all of my concerns and troubles with Him and He gives me this peace. It is such a big comfort when I experience joy and peace, and I can have this any time I ask for it.

Sadly my friend does not have His comfort right now. I pray that she will receive it again in the future.

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