Current Events

We report on Europe’s shift to the right and the continent’s desire for a strong European leader; followed by developments pertaining to Greece and a possible Grexit, as well as the UK’s contingency plan for a possible “Brexit”; alarming religious prosecution of a Christian pastor in Ireland; and the shameful “pride” of a naïve mother for her 9-year-old transgender child.

We address Martin Luther’s aggressive anti-Semitism; the view point of Europe’s Jews that the “beast” of anti-Semitism is overtaking the continent; and Germany’s scandal regarding the arrest and subsequent release of an Arab journalist in Berlin.

We address the latest revelations of NSA activities in Europe, directed against France; and Germany’s low opinion of the USA.

We speak on the US Supreme Court’s controversial decision to uphold Obamacare tax subsidies; the war of words between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and we point out the damage which the Obama Administration has caused for the US-Israeli relationship and that many Israelis have an unfavorable opinion of President Obama.

 We continue reporting on the terrible situation in Sudan; and we conclude with articles pertaining to the warning that Britain might face a little ice age; the ambitious agenda of the Pope and his methods to achieve his goals; and his attack on the failure of the great powers to stop Nazism—while neglecting to mention the pitiful role of the two big Christian churches in the affair.

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