Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with numerous explosive articles regarding the search for and the potential development of a vaccine against the coronavirus and some extremely frightening and disturbing scenarios IF such a vaccine should be created; and we publish articles with controversial allegations regarding Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates which are being blocked outright and dismissed very quickly by the mainstream media.  

 We point out ongoing demonstrations in Germany against governmental restrictions which worry Angela Merkel and question her and her party’s political survival; report on attempts in Germany and elsewhere to silence criticism and any dissenting voices; address EU’s proposed travel recommendations which, if adopted, would lead to inflation; and speak on President Trump’s serious warnings towards the WHO.

We continue with increasing division within the USA; a warning to California by the Justice Department and a controversial decision by the Oregon Supreme Court; Jordan’s, the Palestinians’ and Europe’s collision course with Israel and the USA; legal trouble for Benjamin Netanyahu; Europe’s ongoing efforts to build their own powerful self-sufficient army; Europe’s unwillingness to give any concessions to the UK over Brexit; and we point out that US Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell, accuses Germany of undermining NATO.

We conclude with Pope Francis’ remarkably wrong understanding of true Christianity. In that regard, please view our powerful advertisement video for our new booklet, “The Ten Commandments.” Please also view our new StandingWatch program on the topic, titled, “Pope Francis Attacks True Christianity!”  

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