Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with articles about the new deal between the USA, Israel and the UAE; speculation that Israel will still go ahead with the annexation of West Bank territories even before the November election; signs that show the fragility of the deal; and the idea that it might help though for the building of the Third Temple.

We speak on the condemnation of Turkey’s Erdogan through the US State Department; and on ongoing racial unrest in the USA, with special emphasis on Wisconsin and Portland.

We address the withdrawal of US troops from Germany and Merkel’s anger with Trump, while, at the same time, Germany gets more and more involved with military matters in the EU, for instance Hungary. We also speak about Britain’s new “dark” passport.

We continue with articles about new or contemplated controversial governmental measures to “combat” the coronavirus, especially in Germany, the UK and Israel; and we publish a biting article about worldwide nonsensical and oftentimes totally unscientific governmental measures, giving rise to speculation as to what is actually going on behind the scene. In this context, please view our new presentation, “Lockdowns and Governmental Restrictions.” 

We conclude with an article about the Berlin Film Festival’s silly decision to grant performance awards in a “gender-neutral way.”

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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