Current Events

We begin with reports describing the reasons for the existence of ISIS and its terrifying goals; and America’s sometimes “radical” reactions (by the right and the left) to the Paris terrorist attacks.

We continue with the typical antagonistic resolutions of the UN against Israel and frightening developments pertaining to the ever-growing authority of the IRS,

We focus on Russia’s relationship with Western nations and its military might, as well as Turkey’s destruction of a Russian fighter jet. We discuss Germany’s internal political struggle with the migrant crisis; and we report on growing support for hard-right European parties; Europe’s quest for a “strong leader”; and undeniable signs that core nations in Europe will be taking over the lead in the EU, including militarily by creating a unified European army, thereby establishing the concept of a “Europe with two speeds.”

We conclude with articles about amazing statements by the Archbishop of Canterbury; refusals of the biggest British Cinema chains to play a movie which contains the “Lord’s Prayer”; and dumbfounding comments by the King of Sweden and Prince Charles.

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