Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with interesting developments in America’s legal system regarding the highly contentious vaccination mandate which the Biden administration wants to impose on over 100 million Americans; address the hotly debated issue of vaccinations for very young children; speak on America’s and the entire world’s swift march into totalitarianism; and list examples of highly embarrassing conduct or comments by America’s president.

We point out questionable conduct by the FBI and Biden’s alleged conflict of interest; address the new infrastructure bill of over 1 trillion dollars which may not be as it appears; and another contemplated tax-and-spending package of over 2 trillion dollars, which, if adopted, would send America further into the dark abyss of the ever-rising national debt.  We also speak on America’s economy and its latest unemployment numbers, which, again, are not as good as many would like or represent them to be.

We also address rising tensions between the USA and Israel; and Israel’s preparation for the Temple service and the building of the Temple, as well as the “anointing” of the coming “Messiah.” In this regard, please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, A False Messiah in the Temple of God?” 

Turning to Europe, we speak on the border crisis between Poland and Belarus; speculations about France’s temporary leadership of Europe; Germany’s increased worldwide military involvement;  the relationship between the EU and Ethiopia; Austria’s new dictatorial  measures; thoughts on why Hitler did not invade the UK; the fight for UK’s fishery; and some ridiculous comments by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

We conclude with attempts to create “meat” without animals; and Donald Trump’s apparent inability to keep quiet when he should.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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