Current Events

by Norbert Link

For over 20 years, the Church of the Eternal God has been publishing relevant news articles in the light of biblical prophecy, giving our readership an overview of really important developments and where they might lead. We have been warning of the prophesied arrival of a worldwide dictatorship and, more recently, we pointed out how the global restrictions and governmental measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic are paving the way for such a dictatorship to form.

We have been closely observing developments in Germany, Austria and Europe, since it is there where the “beast” will arrive to begin the Great Tribulation. Since he will work hand in hand with the false prophet, and since there will be a European collaboration between church and state, we have been focusing on developments pointing to such an occurrence.

As especially the downfall of the USA and Britain and their hostile relationship with continental Europe have been prophesied, our news articles have been focusing on events such as the Brexit (which we have announced to occur long before it actually did), as well as, more recently, the shaky relationship between the USA and Europe under Bush, Trump and now Biden, in combination with the catastrophic politics of the Biden Administration, accelerating America’s demise domestically and internationally.  

We have been regularly addressing regularly the developments in the Middle East with special emphasis on Israel, as especially Israel will be in the forefront of the coming fulfillment of end-time prophecies. In addition, we have been watching the growing collaboration between Russia, China and other Far Eastern nations, in opposition to continental Europe, which will lead to a future nuclear war between these power blocs.

And so, this edition is no exception.

We report on Austria and Germany’s new governments which do not give much hope of a return to democracy and freedom from dictatorial and autocratic measures (please view our recent StandingWatch program, titled, “The Dictatorship of the Beast in the Book of Revelation”);  focus on Italy and perhaps even Israel jumping on the bandwagon of totalitarianism; wonder whether former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi might return; and speak on the movement of global tyranny for all nations.

Focusing on the USA, we address, among many other articles, Biden’s vaccination mandates and concerns regarding his mental health.

We address the developments pertaining to Russia and Ukraine [please view our new StandingWatch program titled, “War between Russia, America and Europe over Ukraine?”]; speak on America’s deteriorating relationship with Israel, and conclude with a stunningly surprising announcement by Biden regarding the prophesied building of the third Temple.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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