Current Events

We focus on Germany’s decision to engage militarily in the Syrian war, which has caused some to issue strong warnings against such “illusionary” attempts without any clear prospect for success. We continue with covering the San Bernardino terror attack and outspoken comments by Donald Trump, which have met with harsh criticism.

We also describe dangerous Russian war-mongering propaganda against Berlin, Washington and Istanbul; a referendum of the Danish people against “more Europe”; and statements by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the effect that Israel could easily destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount.

We continue with an article by an Arabic scholar debunking the Islamic claim regarding the Temple Mount; and we report on a remarkable find of righteous King Hezekiah’s royal seal.

We speak on a dumb-founding revelation that California owns all DNA of children born in the state since 1983 and what is being done with the blood of newborn babies.

We conclude with an article which, if true, would show incredible religious persecution of a Junior High School student in Texas, and attempts by the White House to give even further powers to the IRS

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