Current Events

by Norbert Link

Recently, we received several comments—some of them quite hateful– disagreeing with our articles and StandingWatch messages pertaining to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, calling Ukraine a “satanic state” and exonerating Putin, while seeing in him a righteous tool in God’s hands to punish evil Ukrainians. Others wrote that we do not like Russians. Some even tried to defend Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland, claiming that these two nations were not innocent. Others accused “wicked” Zelenskyy [also spelled Zelensky] of being pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality and pro-transgenderism, while Putin was more righteous than he, and blamed the wicked USA for Putin’s war.

Frankly, we were not that much surprised about comments like these, knowing full well the pro-Russian and anti-American propaganda in large parts of the world.

We need to understand that this is Satan’s world. He and his demons are the rulers over ALL nations and kingdoms. Sometimes they literally possess certain leaders. God allows Satan to rule, and He does not intervene, unless potential developments would prevent His plan to be carried out. Even though it says that God will use a future king of Assyria—the beast—to punish ungodly nations, such as the USA, the UK, Canada and other English-speaking countries, it is still Satan who raises up that king and gives him his power and authority. He and his demons will possess the beast (a future European leader of German or Austrian descent) and the false prophet, who will persecute and massacre true Christians. God does not hold these demonically possessed leaders guiltless, but rather, they will be thrown in a lake of fire at the return of Jesus Christ.

We in the Church of the Eternal God do not take sides or endorse political leaders or advocate war in any manner. We are simply reporting world events in the light of biblical prophecy.  When this means that we must report the fact that Putin is possessed, then we will do so, whether pro-Putin and anti-American readers or viewers like it or not. The fact that Putin might be against homosexuals does not negate the fact of his possession—Hitler, who was likewise possessed, was against homosexuals too, but that did not make him a tool in God’s hands. We also hasten to add that neither Hitler nor Putin claimed that their invasion of foreign lands was because of homosexual conduct of their citizens.

We are not against “the Russians” (otherwise, we would not have published a booklet in the Russian language on marriage and family), but we are pointing out the evil deeds of Putin and those who support him. We do the same in respect to other leaders and their supporters if they fulfill biblical prophecies through their actions.

What we see right now are developments which will ultimately lead to a unification of Russians and Ukrainians and others to conquer and destroy Europe, and invade the Middle East. Again, even though it says that God will use the modern “Medes” to do these things, after HE has raised up the modern Chaldeans (“the most terrible of the nations”–the last European revival of the ancient Roman Empire), it is still Satan who actually does all of it, but God allows it and sees to it that His prophesied purposes are fulfilled. In fact, the kings of the East, together with the beast and their armies, will be destroyed by Christ at His return.  

God accepts everyone from every nation or ethnic background who turns to Him, fears Him and works righteousness. But those who support this evil world and its leaders are doomed.  

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In this edition, we speak on further similarities between Putin and Hitler, as well as NATO’s, America’s and Europe’s unwillingness to really stand up to Putin, while it is feared that Putin will not stop at Ukraine and while Zelenskyy becomes more and more frustrated with NATO and the EU. We also address the unreliability and decline of the USA; the close relationship between Russia and China; and the rise of hypocritical Europe. In addition, we report on a terrible famine in Ukraine, caused by Stalin, and frightful modern-day similarities.  

We conclude with further mask mandates in the USA and Biden’s refusal to accept responsibility for inflation.

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