Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with reports about Disney’s hypocritical conduct and its fight for the “woke” culture, and the serious consequences it might have for Disney regarding its “special benefits” in Florida. When one observes the incredible change from the times Walt Disney lived, and the destruction of his legacy by the Disney Company, one must conclude that he would turn in his grave if he only knew. We also cite Joe Biden’s ever changing comments on gay and transgender people.

We report good news from Finland and bad news from Canada, when addressing religious persecution in both countries; and speak on the ongoing debacle regarding Europe’s “fight” with Russia over Ukraine. We also report on elections in Hungary and Serbia.

We address Europe’s rapid reaction force and the fear that America is losing the Middle East, as well as most recent developments in Israel.

Speaking about the ongoing insane concepts, rules and regulations by medical “experts” and governmental officials regarding the “fight” against the coronavirus, we report on former German health minister Jens Span and current German “lockdown” health minister Kurt Lauterbach, as well as on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s extremely controversial conduct in several respects.

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We conclude with the ongoing abortion war with at least four American states allowing abortion for any and no reason; and the curse of the bird flu on American exports.   

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