Current Events

It seems like Donald Trump is unstoppable. No matter what he says, his support is growing amongst GOP voters. The GOP establishment is very worried about this development, and rumors have it that they are trying to topple Trump through the means of questionable politics. Dr. Ben Carson stated that if this alleged hypocritical conspiracy is true, he will resign from the race.

We continue to explain how America under Trump could clash with Germany, while “anti-Islamisation” politician Geert Wilders of The Netherlands went on record supporting Trump as US President. Wilders has been named politician of the year for the third time in a Dutch poll, while his Freedom Party gains ground in the country. At the same time, Marine Le Pen of France suffered a stunning defeat in regional elections, due to risky political maneuvering of the Socialists and the Republicans.

Angela Merkel is trying to appease the German public, stating that the country must now “noticeably reduce” the number of new arrivals of refugees, and that migrants must assimilate into German society, while dismissing the idea of multiculturalism. However, the concept of parallel societies with different religions, customs and laws, which is condoned, if not supported by the Obama Administration, has proven to be a big problem in Germany and Western Europe, which, according to Merkel, is a grand delusion which has utterly failed. It is also condemned in the Bible.

Focusing on events evolving around terrorist groups, we report that at least 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are listed on the U.S. terrorist watch list; point out frightening activities of Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the USA with the approval of the White House; mention the concern that ISIS is printing fake Syria passports for “refugees”; and speak on a fragile Saudi-Arabian coalition with other nations against ISIS, which is not joined by Iran.

We continue to focus on the ongoing clash between Russia and Turkey (which was apparently intentionally caused by Turkey).

We conclude with announcements by the Catholic Church that they will not attempt to convert Jews, correctly calling anti-Semitism a sin against God and man. However, the Catholic Church is overlooking an important truth in regard to the Bible and the Jewish faith.

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