Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with reports on the massacre in Texas; and continue with meetings of the World Health Organization (WHO) with the fear that autocratic powers will be transferred to the WHO—a concern which does not seem to be valid at this point, even though it is shocking to see that the Biden Administration was apparently willing to agree to such an outcome.

We speak on the decision of the Archbishop of San Francisco which has been supported by the Archbishop of Denver to bar Nancy Pelosi from partaking in “communion” over her “evil” stance on abortion (In this context, see our new StandingWatch program, titled, “No Communion for Pelosi and Catholic Confusion,” pointing out, among many other things, how divided and confused the Catholic church under Pope Francis has become.)

We continue with pointing out Hillary Clinton’s “legacy of lies,” including the strong implication of her immediate role in the “Russia Hoax” scandal.

We speak about Biden’s “sinking ship”  and the worldwide fall of house prices.

We address Germany’s ongoing dictatorship and concerns regarding gas shortages; Austria’s and Switzerland’s “neutrality” regarding NATO; Canada’s autocratic regime; and the political upheaval in Australia.

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