Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with America’s incredible failings of its airline industry and President Biden’s shortsighted and dangerous approach towards US oil and gas production; report on another mass shooting; and point out shocking developments about the willingness of many Americans in a disunited country to take up arms against the government. Please view in this regard our recent message, America No Longer a Great Nation—Comments on News and Prophecy, July 2, 2022.” 

We speak about  “permissive” conduct of Pope Francis and quote his remarkable statements regarding war, arms sales and the powerless UN; and we address the situation in Israel with the Knesset dispersing itself and new elections having been set for November 1, while opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu is waiting in the wings. We also speak on French President Macron’s dream of a unified powerful EU Army, which is still very much alive, while his political star is setting.

We report on the declaration of Boris Johnson (who just resigned as Conservative Party leader) to revive or recreate the Roman Empire; the fact that Britain is unprepared for World War III; and the possibility of human annihilation in case of nuclear war.

Please view our new StandingWatch program in this regard, titled, Boris Johnson Resigns and Leaves a Mess” 

We address the typical non-committal declarations of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz regarding Russia and Ukraine, while at the same time threatening the possibility of new freedom-robbing mask mandates; and we point out the dire economic situation in Germany due to its addiction to Russian oil and gas.

We speak on the “biblical” plague of devouring crickets in the Western US; and a devastating drought in Italy; as well as the new hysteria regarding monkeypox.

We conclude with a shocking report on the record-breaking 50th-anniversary Pride parade in London, which Boris Johnson characterized as “a milestone,” while paying tribute to the “bravery” of those involved.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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