Current Events

We start with the highly explosive situation in the Middle East, involving Saudi Arabia and Iran—or, more precisely, the age-old battle between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Many commentators fear that we are seeing the beginning of a bloody war, forcing nearly “all actors” in the region to choose sides. The Bible tells us much about the outcome, and it also makes clear that there is no reason to believe that either Saudi Arabia or Iran will become the leader over many other Arab nations in a fight against Israel or Europe.

For more information, please read our free booklet, “Middle Eastern and African Nations in Bible Prophecy” and view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Ongoing Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran… Where Will They Lead?” The prophesied events may surprise some, but we can already see the beginning of their fulfillment.

Another focus in this edition is directed towards attacks of about 1,000 men of “Arab or North African background” on men and women in Cologne, Germany (as well as in other German cities) during New Year’s Eve… and the perception of a massive cover-up by the local police department, the major’s office, the German federal government and the German media for reasons of “political correctness” pertaining to the migrant crisis.

We are also reporting on North Korea’s claim of having developed a hydrogen bomb; China’s stock market crash on January 4 and again on January 7 and its devastating effects all over the world, showing that our economic situation is really fragile; and the shocking revelation that most Americans are “just one paycheck away from the street.”

We are focusing on the job termination of a Harvard professor because of his critical comments regarding the LGBT movement; the incredible numbers of scientists and teachers believing in the ungodly Evolution theory; and a tragic case of a mother charged with attempted murder due to an unsuccessful abortion.

We conclude with an article in the Washington Post, raising the question as to why many in the Western World celebrate New Year’s Day on January 1, making the case that many other cultures don’t, and that for good reasons.

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