Current Events

We begin with a plea by the New York Times for mass deportations in Germany and Angela Merkel’s resignation; continue with reports on Germany’s continuing massive cover-up pertaining to its migrant crisis and crimes perpetrated by refugees; and we quote European politicians to the effect that in their opinion, any hope for true integration of Islamic migrants into the European society is absolutely preposterous. For more information, please view our most recent StandingWatch program, Germany’s Massive Cover Up of Migrant Violence.” You might also want to view again our previous StandingWatch program from October 2015, titled, “Germany’s Disastrous Migrant Crisis.” 

We warn that terrorists are concentrating on a repeat of their September 11, 2001 attack; but that this time, their main target will be Europe in 2016. We also report on a terror attack in Turkey.

We continue with the interesting role which Turkey is already playing on the world scene, pointing out that the Bible has much to say about Turkey’s future activities.

We speak on Vladimir Putin’s world view and President Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address.

We discuss America’s and especially California’s massive cover-up and misrepresentations regarding mandatory vaccinations, while intentionally denying the proven fact of vaccines’ serious side effects, such as autism.

We speak of incredible and DANGEROUS mysticism in the Catholic Church, pertaining to photos, visions, dreams and messages of the “Virgin Mary,” and we conclude with an article about terrible scandals of jackpot fixing in the Powerball lottery, convicting the former security director of massive fraudulent conduct.

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