Current Events

We begin with further revelations regarding Iran and their dubious game; report on the escalating conflict in Yemen and Russia’s ambition in the Middle East as well as murders of pro-Russian journalists and politicians in Ukraine; speak on the sentence of former Egyptian President Morsi , which has been termed a “travesty of justice”; focus on controversial statements by US Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates on homosexuality, same-sex marriages and enlisting in the military; and point out one of the biggest legal scandals in the US, revealing the conviction of many innocent people due to false testimony of FBI employees.

We quote an article regarding the hot debate as to the causes of the Holocaust and genocide; and continue reporting on Greece’s “poker game” with the USA, the EU and Russia, which, it seems, is presently being won by Russia, as well as drastic measures of the Greek government to try to avert the seemingly inevitable. We conclude with an article on unbelievably restrictive and Pharisaical Sabbath regulations in modern Judaism—pointing out that this kind of teaching is exactly what Jesus Christ expressly rejected and strongly condemned.

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