Current Events

We begin with troublesome events in the USA, pertaining to attempts to compel men AND women to register for the draft. We also speak about the stunning election results in Iowa.

We are focusing on developments pertaining to Donald Trump and speak on Hillary Clinton’s growing email scandal which should normally result in an indictment and her resignation from the democratic race for the presidency (although most commentators do not expect this to happen); and we report on President Obama’s “complicated” relationship with Muslims (also in light of the fact that almost 30 percent of Americans believe that he is a Muslim).

We continue with revealing articles about the growth of European armies and the “comeback” of an interesting German politician. We continue with Angela Merkel’s attempts to placate Germans, while Germany’s third-strongest party causes uproar and a storm of criticism.

We report on America’s and Britain’s apparent 18-year-long spying activities on their “friend” Israel and on the fragile relationship between the EU and Britain, as well as on more violence in Israel.

We conclude with an article on America’s, Russia’s and China’s moon landings and on striking color photos of the moon landing by the Chinese, which should convince every honest and unprejudiced observer that the moon landings were real and not hoaxes.

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