Current Events

We begin with reports on the national and international downfall of Angela Merkel, once called the “Queen of Europe” and “Europe’s Iron Lady,” and the questions regarding a possible successor who might come “out of nowhere,” as Merkel once did; speak on the blatantly obvious lack of European trust and confidence in the USA; and address the ongoing debate regarding a possible Brexit.

Turning to a critical legal battle between Apple and the FBI [please view our new StandingWatch program on the issue, titled, “Why Would Apple Resist the FBI?”and the heated and brutal run for the American Presidency, we report on the fight between the Republican “establishment” and “outsiders”; speak on the less than fair methods by the GOP to support “their” candidates against the will of the people; point out a new fight between Pope Francis and Donald Trump; and address the sudden and unexpected death of conservative U.S. Supreme Court Judge and Ronald Reagan appointee, Antonin Scalia.

We conclude with reporting on an agreement between Russia and Iran, violating a UN ban, Muslim opposition to Valentine ’s Day (even though they are right in objecting to it, they are wrong in their motives), and a revealing article of a medical doctor, showing the UNDENIABLE health risks of vaccinations in babies and young children.  

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