Current Events

We begin with reports about the UK and the ongoing battle pertaining to a Brexit, which becomes a similar mud-slinging contest as the presidential campaign in the USA.

We speak about the election in Iran—which is just tantamount to a change of labels for the same product—and point out a looming catastrophe for Iraq and surrounding areas.

We continue with the migrant crisis in Germany and Europe, which is bound to become worse—with Finland, Hungary, Greece and France facing tough choices. One newspaper coined the phrase, “the Great Wall of Europe.”

Pope Francis is again in hot water with his controversial praise for an Italian politician who was responsible for 10,000 abortions. In this context, please view our new StandingWatch program, “False Christianity and Blasphemous Abominations in our Societies.”

Turning to the USA, we speak on disgusting political maneuvering in Colorado regarding unvaccinated students; report on the sad state of world affairs “while Obama fiddles”; and continue with several articles on Donald Trump, including his desire to make legal changes pertaining to libel and tax exemption of churches; a compelling scientific study prognosticating with 97 percent certainty that he will be the next American President; an article showing some interesting differences between Trump and Hitler; and a “brand-new” report by the New York Times from February 28, expressing Europe’s reaction of SHOCK to a Trump presidency—something which we already pointed out some time back in our StandingWatch program from February 10, titled “Trump SHOCKS Europe.”  In addition, we addressed Donald Trump’s surprising victories in our StandingWatch program of August 13, 2015, titled “The Trump Phenomenon—How to Explain It.”   

We conclude with articles pertaining to Apple’s Fight with the FBI and the danger of smartphones.

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