Current Events

We begin with a report about secret meetings of the G-20 with the goal to “knock out the US dollar.” Business Insider calls this new effort “the most important financial development of 2016, with enormous implications,” and “a major turning point in the international monetary system.” We also report on mass demonstrations in Germany against German troops in foreign countries and American nuclear weapons on German soil. In this context, please view our new StandingWatch program, Will Europe Face a Nuclear Attack?”

Turning to the Middle East, we speak on the King of Jordan’s and Israel’s warning against Turkey as well as a bill in Israel to grant more Sabbath protection; American “allies” which turn against each other in Syria; and Iran’s continuing development of ballistic missiles. We also report on Cuba’s rejection of American influence.

We speak on embarrassing problems with artificial intelligence and another shameful victory of the vaccination lobby, and the ongoing battle between the FBI and Apple. In this regard, please view our recent StandingWatch program, “Why Would Apple Resist the FBI?”   

We continue to focus on the presidential election campaigns in the USA, including an article claiming that “Heidi Cruz is to be feared the most after Hillary Clinton”; several articles explaining the controversial world views of Donald Trump [in this regard, please view our new special StandingWatch program, Why ALL Candidates are WRONG on Abortion!”]; Glenn Beck’s bizarre claim that “no real Christian” would vote for Donald Trump and that a presidency under Ted Cruz would be the “fulfillment of prophecy”; allegations apparently “steaming” from the Rubio camp (as “reported” by the National Enquirer) that Ted Cruz has been having numerous extramarital affairs (these allegations, whether true or not, might very well contribute to his downfall); and the strongly worded opinion of Dr. Ben Carson that Christianity and the very concept of the God of the Bible are under worldwide attack, including in the United States.

We conclude with the suspension of a Professor at an American Catholic University for objecting to their prohibition of debating same-sex marriages, and with a court decision in Germany, punishing a landlord for not renting his place to a gay couple.

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