Current Events

In this issue, we address terrible consequences of the use of atomic bombs and the dangerous aftermath of damaged nuclear reactors, pointing at biblical prophecies for the future.

We report about Poland’s troubled relationship with Russia and Russia’s ongoing provocations.

Focusing on Germany, we quote an alarming article claiming that the German army is infiltrated by Jihadist sympathizers; and we write about attempts to create an “Islam Law” which, if adopted, could become a precedence for extremely frightening developments regarding Germany’s religious minorities.

Turning to events in the USA, we continue with allegations and concerns that members of the Saudi government were behind the September 11 attacks; and report on an unbelievable admission of the IRS regarding illegal aliens.

We quote warnings of the IMF about a new worldwide financial crisis; and we conclude with Pope Francis’ confusing position on marriage and divorce and same sex relationships, in an unsatisfactory attempt to draw more people to the Catholic Church.

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