Current Events

In this issue, we report on remarkable developments in Austria, Germany and the rest of Europe, which are all linked, to one extent or another, to the ongoing migrant crisis.

We focus on the decision to grant the Charlemagne Prize (Karlspreis) to Pope Francis, even though he did little to deserve the prize which is supposed to be awarded to “personalities and institutions that have rendered outstanding services to the unification of Europe.” This shows, however, the desperate desire of European politicians to get the Catholic Church involved in their efforts to unify Europe, and the Church, according to Pope Francis, must be willing to “play her part in the rebirth of Europe.”

We speak on developments in the UK, including David Cameron’s warning of World War III in case of a Brexit, “Londonistan,” and shocking statistics on hunger in the UK.

We conclude with inconsistent comments by Donald Trump on the national debt; the lack of confidence of Middle Eastern leaders in the Obama Administration; the suspension of Alabama’s top judge for his stance on gay marriages; and a gay rights victory in Catholic Italy.

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