Current Events

We report on the EU’s secret plans to create a unified European army; the role of the Euro; and Germany’s increased activities in military matters. In this context, please view our latest StandingWatch program, titled, “Secret Plans for Unified European Army?”

We continue with articles regarding the possibility of a Brexit and the EU’s preparation in such a scenario; and speak on Islam in Europe; an ISIS plan to attack the German city of Düsseldorf; and the anger of many Europeans.

We point out ongoing troubles between Turkey and Germany; and report on President Obama’s historic visit to and his warning of mankind’s possibility of self-destruction, which is echoed by a sobering follow-up article by the Huffington Post.

We speak on Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s “liabilities”; the bitter rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia; the spread of a terrible disease in the Middle East and possibly Europe, due to the civil war in Syria; and we close with the undue pressure on parents to vaccinate their children; and with an article on the mysterious Yeti.

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