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We begin with a frightening article about the absolute and unlimited power of the US President in connection with ordering a nuclear strike on other countries; and continue with the horrible mass murders of at least 49 party-goers in an Orlando gay bar. In particular, we are focusing on the motives of the radicalized and apparently demon-inspired perpetrator; along with reactions from Donald Trump, reiterating “his plan to temporarily ban Muslims and others from countries with terrorist ties from entering the U.S.,” while strongly accusing President Obama and Hillary Clinton of “failed policies,” allegedly “insinuating that the president may sympathize with radical jihadism,” and claiming at the same time that he–and not Hillary Clinton—was a true friend of the gay community.

The horrible violent act in Orlando must be strongly condemned by every true Christian. At the same time, we are publishing comments by a former French Chief Rabbi, calling Tel Aviv’s gay parade an abomination. These comments were made before the mass murder in Florida. Jewish gay organizations promptly responded to those comments by suggesting that the former Chief Rabbi was inciting violence against gays, even though he just quoted Holy Scriptures. We also report on a controversial interview by CNN’s openly gay Anderson Cooper; and Prince William’s posing for the cover of a gay magazine.

Satan is extremely clever and cunning. By inspiring an insane terrorist to murder and injure in excess of hundred members of the gay community, he is causing sympathy for homosexuality in Western societies, inducing them to accept, embrace and support the gay lifestyle, and to accuse all those of hate speech and even culpability for senseless murders who dare to maintain biblical standards, even though these standards also include the strong condemnation of violence against ANY human being. In this regard, please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Satan’s Attack in Orlando.”

We continue with developments in Italy and Germany pertaining to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”; an article about the violent consequences of false Christianity; Pope Francis’ refusal to accept a donation from the Argentinian Presidency, due to the number 666; the deteriorating relationship between NATO and Russia; a new Ukrainian hero who is described as “Ukraine’s Joan of Arc”; and the increasing possibility of a Brexit, following the referendum on June 23.

We speak on the desire of many Germans for a Führer and other interesting positions; and we conclude with an article about the yearning of many Jews for the rebuilding of the Third Temple on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

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