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At the time of publication, final results had not been announced as to whether Britain decided to stay in or leave the EU, but polls suggested that the “remain” camp might have won. If so, it would be only a temporary victory, since the Bible shows that ultimately, Britain will not remain to be a part of the core nations of Europe.

The Telegraph commented: “‘Project Fear’ has succeeded. Brexit campaigners conceded defeat after referendum exit poll.”

But Deutsche Welle wrote: “While two different polls put ‘Remain’ ahead of ‘Leave,’ some of the first results declared in the EU referendum were disappointing to the Remain campaign. Unlike in general elections, there is no exit poll and the referendum’s final result is not expected until Friday morning.”

And the Daily Mail added: “The scale of the divide in Britain over whether we should cut ties with the EU was exposed tonight as results start to roll in in the historic referendum. Sunderland recorded a massive 61 per cent to 39 per cent win for Leave – 82,394 votes to 51,930 – shocking the Remain side which had been voicing confidence about its prospects for victory overall. It was swiftly followed by Swindon which voted out by 10,525 votes – 61,745 to 51,220, although Leave had expected to win by a greater margin. Conversely, Broxbourne voted Leave with more votes than predicted – 33,706 to 17,166… The Pound – which soared in value earlier after Nigel Farage admitted he thought Brexit had lost – immediately nose-dived by nearly 3 per cent against the US dollar.”

According to the broadcaster ITV, Brexit will occur with 75% certainty. 

Subsequently, the Daily Mail added:

“The Brexit door opens! Britain is on track to LEAVE the EU in historic referendum as Out stacks up votes in the North and Wales despite wins for Remain in London and Scotland.”

We begin with the murder of Britain’s Jo Cox and the shameful exploitation of her death by corrupt politicians and the propaganda machine of the mass media; continue with America’s ongoing nuclear program; report on developments pertaining to Donald Trump (including his firing of his campaign manager and an attempt on Trump’s life), as well as strong accusations against the Clintons and the religious affiliation of Barack Obama.

We speak on plans to create a Nordic trading bloc of Israelite countries under British lead; fury over Gibraltar; and Turkey’s Erdogan’s defeat in a German court.

We continue with reports on Pope Francis’ controversial comments on marriage and the death penalty, which contradict official Catholic teaching (please view our new StandingWatch program on this topic, titled, “More Wrong Comments by Pope Francis”); and an interesting article on the return of biblical sheep to the Holy Land which are said to be descended from Jacob’s flock noted in the Book of Genesis.

We conclude with two ludicrous articles by so-called “brilliant” minds about black holes and aliens; as well as gun violence and child rearing.

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