Current Events

We begin with reports on the last terror attack in Istanbul, Turkey, following Turkey’s announcements regarding improved relationships with Russia and Israel; and we continue with several reports about the situation in Great Britain and continental Europe, following the British referendum to exit from the EU. British politicians from both camps are trying to delay the process, while many Europeans demand speedy action. The divorce between Britain and Europe has been described as messy, ugly and dirty.

At the same time, some continental Europeans are pursuing their vision of Europe, and in the wake of the Brexit vote, a German-French proposal recommends an even tighter “collaboration” and the creation of a United States of Europe, while others seem to be pushing for a European army. Please view our new StandingWatch program on the subject, titled, “No Exit from Brexit”; as well as last week’s program, titled, “Brexit Won—Now What?” 

We continue with a controversial decision of the US Supreme Court regarding abortion and a misleading article, falsely suggesting and complaining about an alleged big change in the US Naturalization procedures.

We quote further upsetting comments by Pope Francis, including his ideas regarding homosexuals, the blessing of weapons, Martin Luther and the Reformation, and the role of Pope Benedict; and we conclude with an eye-opening article, putting to rest the hoax that the Holocaust never happened, while warning of a potential repetition in European architectural design.

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