Current Events

We begin with reports about ongoing violent attacks in Germany which will lead to a set-back of Angela Merkel’s briefly regained popularity. Unprecedented violence around the world reflects Satan’s great wrath. More and more terrible murderous attacks against innocent victims are being perpetrated by crazy, mentally demented, demon-possessed and radicalized attackers. On Monday, a knifeman hacked at least 19 people to death in Tokyo in the grounds of the Tsukui Yamayuri Garden to “get rid of disabled people.” On Tuesday, a terror attack on a Catholic priest, nuns and parishioners occurred in France. Please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Can Worldwide Terror Be Stopped?”

We continue with extremely controversial statements by Donald Trump, apparently contemplating the possibility of a potential ban on German and French tourists visiting the USA; and speak on another email scandal, leading to the resignation of the head of the Democratic Party; outrage among Bernie Sanders’ supporters; and turmoil at the Democratic Convention.

We continue with the ongoing brutality of Turkey’s crackdown on any opposition; and we conclude with further development in Europe in respect to the Brexit and the increased interest of Chinese buyers in UK’s residential property after the Brexit.

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