Current Events

We begin with events pertaining to Israel and the preparation for the building of a third temple; and we continue with developments regarding the US primary election campaigns, with special emphasis on Mr. Trump’s proposals on immigration and NATO, as well as Mrs. Clinton’s health issues.

We continue with America’s abrogation of power regarding the Internet; the left-liberal Washington Post’s strong condemnation of President Obama’s “politics” in Syria; vocal opposition to a “hypocritical” and “mad” Drug Enforcement Administration’s determination on medical marijuana and a ruling of the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals disagreeing with the Justice Department on the matter; and further devastating consequences of President Obama’s ill-advised health care adventure (“Obamacare”), which was destined to failure from the outset.

Turning to Europe, we speak on ISIS sleeper cells in Germany and the government’s attempt to combat terrorism with restrictive and controversial measures; while demands for European military collaboration are getting louder. (Please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “The Storm in Europe Has Just Begun!”). We also speak on the concept that free movement of EU workers to Britain might end soon.

We focus on the tragic murder of heroic Swedish diplomate Raoul Wallenberg by the Russians; speak on concerns that war may break out between Russia and Ukraine; explain why Jordan is different; point out the alarming spread of the Zika virus in Puerto Rico; report on Louisiana’s historic and unprecedented floods and California’s State of emergency due to wildfires; and conclude with mysterious UFO “sightings” in Europe.

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