Current Events

We begin with a series of articles about the possibility of ten horrifying future wars; (please view our new StandingWatch program, “Fear of Nuclear War”); the horrible brain-washing of a child by a murderous ISIS fanatical mother; the push for a European army; and the incredibly illogical policy of allowing weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists.

We continue reporting on failed trade negotiations between Europe and America; Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policy; and Hillary Clinton’s unusual and highly suspicious “precautions” of “super-deleting” thousands of e-mails.

We speak on Turkey’s new $3 billion bridge and its very divisive name; and report on several countries’ “fight” with Muslim asylum seekers and the rejection of burqas, including Australia, Sweden, Austria, Germany, France and The Netherlands.

We conclude with several examples of unconscionable court decisions in the USA and Germany, pertaining to the nonsense of transgender bathrooms; blatant violations of the rights of parents and ministers; an attack on the separation between church and state; incredible restrictions for teachers; and ridiculous mandatory vaccinations for school children.

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