Current Events

We begin with an insightful article on Europe’s future and Hungary’s invalid referendum against the EU migration policy; and focus in detail on the terrible events in Syria and especially the city of Aleppo, showing Russia’s increased involvement and America’s utter helplessness; and Russia’s threat of nuclear World War III. [Please view our new StandingWatch program on this topic, titled, Russia Threatens America with Nuclear War.”]

We speak on the terrible disaster of Obamacare which punishes hard-working American citizens, rather than helping them; and review a stunning revelation by the late Shimon Peres pertaining to Israel’s nuclear weapons.

We focus on the mass media’s coverage of the American presidential election campaigns, which can only be described as extremely hypocritical; showing once again why we are not to vote or participate in any way in this ungodly process.

In the last part of this section, we quote several articles on developments pertaining to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church. Especially noteworthy is the pope’s strong (and correct) stance on the “gender theory,” which he describes as a “great enemy” of marriage.

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