Current Events

We begin with the ongoing controversy regarding the UN resolution condemning Israel, with special focus on Germany’s hostile and the UK’s hypocritical position; report on a new controversial surveillance law in the UK; worldwide Internet shutdowns and hackings; Mr. Putin’s reaction to American sanctions; and Russia’s frightening unmanned killing machines (which could have great significance in the light of biblical prophecy; you might want to view in this context our new StandingWatch program, “2017—a Dangerous Year.”)

Focusing on Donald Trump, we report on an alleged (mysterious) meeting between his national security advisor and Austria’s far-right “Freedom” party; the claim that Mr. Trump was elected due to “divine providence”; the push to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and to declare the city as the eternal capital of Israel; and the fear of rising civil disobedience under a Trump Presidency.

We speak on Mr. Obama’s attempt to cement his legacy which is in conflict to Mr. Trump’s positions; the battle for and against Obamacare; the controversy surrounding the claim of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange that Russia was NOT the source for the release of Democratic documents; and a new (allegedly illegal) quarantine law in the USA.

We address Angela Merkel’s vision for 2017 and her diminishing popularity abroad and domestically; interesting comments by Archbishop of Vienna Schönborn (who has been “tipped” to be the next pope) on Donald Trump, Islamization and European Christianity; and the brutal and demonic terror attack by insane murderer(s) in Istanbul, Turkey.

In the remaining articles, we speak about German superstitions related to New Year’s Eve; a new unbiblical law in France prohibiting the spanking of children, including at home; witchcraft in Rwanda related to soccer games; and the cannibalism of the Neanderthals.

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