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We are living in a corrupt world. And that not only in the well-recognized area of politics. The FIFA soccer (football) scandal is a sad testimony to the fact that even in the world’s most popular sport, bribery, kick-backs and other illegal activities seem to be commonplace. FBI investigations are apparently even directed against FIFA’s long-time president, Sepp Blatter, who was reelected in spite of the scandal, but subsequently decided to resign. The appalling truth is that many have warned in the past of FIFA’s illegal activities, including Germany’s “Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer, especially when deciding on where to hold the World Cup tournaments, but he was immediately silenced by FIFA and ordered not to attend several soccer games for a certain period of time. What should be an enjoyable and relaxing occasion has become a morass of sinful behavior and corruption, due to unscrupulous functionaries… and we dare to say that the events in the soccer world are by no means limited to just that sport.

 In this issue, we begin reporting on developments in the Middle East, including the real danger for the whole world posed by some of ISIS’s activities; Iran’s unwavering support of Assad’s Syria and its increased stockpile of nuclear fuel in contradiction to the Obama administration’s representations; and the remarkable fact that most Turks view the state of Israel as the biggest threat to Turkey’s security.

We continue with David Cameron’s attempts to find help and support in Germany and other European countries, with a rather mixed and cautious reaction.

 We address the relationship between Germany and Egypt and report on appalling hateful accusations and actions of Muslims against Jews.

We focus on Rand Paul’s lonely fight against the NSA surveillance and bulk data collection program, facing criticism from all sides of the established political spectrum, while most Americans approve of his conduct; speak on President Obama’s stated belief that the USA has become the most respected country in the world; and report about America’s unconstitutional blackmail of those parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, as well as the virtually non-existent medical exemption.

We conclude with articles on a clash of “values” between “mainstream” Catholic Nancy Pelosi and the official position of her Church on abortion and same-sex marriage; a clash of “values” between Russia and the West on the issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriage; a clash of “values” on transgender identity; and a clash of “values” between the Bible and the position of the Church of England on the issue of women bishops and the description of God, which might be a contributing factor as to why the Christian religion does not seem to play an important role anymore for many British people.

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