What Does God Require?

When God calls an individual to His Way, revealing to such a person Who He is; and when God opens that person’s mind to His Truth, resulting in that person’s repentance of his/her past sins and acceptance of Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior; following baptism, such a person receives God’s Holy Spirit at the laying on of hands of God’s ministry. What does God then require of such person?

Is there a benchmark, a standard whereby one can know and understand that if he/she is diligent in maintaining such a standard, God will be pleased with that life? And if there is such a benchmark, can it be found in God’s Holy Scriptures, showing God’s clear and precise statement of His expectations of such a person?

The answer to those questions is, of course, an emphatic yes! One doesn’t have to go to the New Testament to find such a clear, precise statement. It can be found all the way back in the book of Deuteronomy as God was dealing with His chosen people, Israel! Since God does not change, His requirement of ancient Israel is the same requirement He has for you and me in this day. This spiritual requirement is found in Deuteronomy 10:12-13, where God plainly reveals what He expects of His chosen people, including you and me:

1) To fear the LORD your God.

2) To walk in all His Ways and to love Him.

3) To serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.

4) And, to keep the commandments of the Lord and His statutes… for your good.

Much of God’s Word reveals to us instructions as to how we can accomplish these tasks in a way that is pleasing to our God. These requirements by God of you and me must become our number one priority during this physical life, as exemplified in the physical life of Jesus Christ. If we will be diligent in our approach to fulfilling these requirements, God will ensure through His Spirit our ultimate success!

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