A Blessing of Omission

There are many blessings that we receive from God every day as we
keep His Law.  But many are not recognized by the five senses. It
is these that we need to fully appreciate, along with the tangible
ones. It would be easy to live year to year without recognizing that
God is indeed working in this way in our lives on a daily basis.

The reason that we are not as cognizant of these blessings is because nothing happens. That is the blessing–nothing.

at it this way: Traffic law decrees that you are to stop at a STOP
sign.  If you run a stop sign there is a good chance of getting
into an accident where the injuries can range from the mild to the
devastating.  If you stop and look both ways and proceed
cautiously through the intersection–NOTHING happens.

In the same
way, those who are living God’s Way every day benefit by keeping His
Laws, here and now, whether they know it or not.  If you don’t
have sex outside of marriage you won’t get an STD; if you don’t eat
unclean meat you can avoid diseases such as Hepatitis, SARS and
Trichinosis; if you don’t cheat on your taxes the IRS won’t see to it
that you are fined or put in jail. If you do what’s right in these
cases–NOTHING happens.

When we keep the commandments of God we
may not be fully aware of the consequences of breaking them, but we can
be assured that if we continue in them, many times we will receive
“nothing”–that is, a blessing of omission.

©2024 Church of the Eternal God