Freedom At Last

Several weeks ago, I watched an interesting movie in black and
white, which was made in the early sixties. It did not contain the kind
of violence and perverse scenes, which a lot of the modern movies have.
The story line was about a four-star general and head of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, who was not happy with the manner in which the U.S.
President was administering his policies towards Russia. He felt the
President was weak in a lot of areas and that he, the general, could do
a much superior job in leading the country.

This general
convinced four of the five generals of the other branches of the armed
forces that he would be better suited to rule as President. With their
help, he planned to overthrow the President and take the office for

His plan would have succeeded but for a colonel under
his command who became suspicious of this plot. He reported it to the
President, who set in motion steps to successfully thwart this coup. At
the end of the movie, the President was addressing the nation. His last
statement struck a chord in my mind. He said that in due time people
would come out of the corridors, caves [referring to the North American
Air Defense Command, or NORAD] and bunkers, to embrace freedom.

found that this movie contained a remarkable parallel to what Satan
did. He determined that his way was better than God’s. He turned the
minds of his top lieutenants to his way of thinking, and then he did
the unimaginable. He attempted to throw God off His throne and take
over the universe. He was, of course, thwarted in his efforts and shall
receive a just reward for his actions (Jude 12-13).

Just like in
the movie, there is coming a time when men will come out of their caves
and hiding places. This will happen when Christ returns to this earth
as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. At that time, He will dethrone
Satan and his demons as the present rulers of this earth. Instead, He
will authorize His faithful saints to rule with and under Him during
the Millennium. Then, we shall truly have “Freedom At Last.”

©2024 Church of the Eternal God