The Third Commandment

Recently, in the United Kingdom, we have had an outcry on a particular matter that clearly shows the gross hypocrisy that engulfs this godless society. No doubt, what happened in the United Kingdom may be mirrored in much, if not most of the civilized world.

A well known football (soccer) commentator erroneously thought the microphones were switched off after the conclusion of a semi-final European cup match which had been televised. His comments were transmitted live to a number of countries, including some in the Middle East. There was an immediate uproar, as he had used unacceptable expletives and an emotional racialist term about a particular player. He immediately resigned his position with the television company, and he lost his column in a leading national newspaper. This event was reported far and wide and was the subject of phone-ins and all of the usual media hype.

Such behavior cannot be condoned in any way. However, very often those who protest the loudest can be those who take GOD’S name in vain with impunity. Blasphemy is seen as a non-event. In fact, blasphemy is of epidemic proportions. Many (but not all) may not even know or realize what they are doing. Youngsters who have no religious knowledge or upbringing can be serial offenders in this area. Older people seem, in general, to behave little better. There is no respect for God in every strata of society. The names of God and Jesus Christ are used as expletives, swear words and terms of abuse. One can do this at will with no come-back, while comments about another human being particularly if they refer to his race or his sexual orientation, are considered racially abusive, or discriminatory.

God clearly tells us not to take His name in vain (Exodus 20:7), but mankind in general totally disregards the third commandment. Perhaps in many cases this instruction is not even known, as the knowledge of God is systematically eliminated by those in positions who think that they know and do better.

Interestingly, I took up the fact that blasphemy seems to be part and parcel of the staple diet of so many films that are made today, with the British Board of Film Classification, in 1999. Their replies were cleverly phrased in such a way that they made no real sense at all. They took an intellectual, non-godly approach, which was wholly secular and which attempted to exonerate the unacceptable with clever phrasing, reference to legal cases and no understanding of the truth whatsoever. It reminded me of the phrase that “a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” On careful reflection, such correspondence was, inevitably, an exercise in futility. In the last five years things will not have changed, except that they will have progressively deteriorated. Such disrespect for our Maker is endemic in society.

A world that takes such an approach is headed for disaster, and the great God will only let this go on for so long. It is a small part of a great malaise and disease. It is an approach based on the supposed dignity of man, while ignoring the supremacy of God. There is a time coming when the teachers in the wonderful world tomorrow will say, “This is the way, walk in it” (Isaiah 30:21). That way will not encompass blasphemy and disrespect for either man or, more importantly, for the great Creator God.

Let us pray, “Thy Kingdom Come”, and let us do so with ever greater intensity. In the Kingdom, we will experience a time of respect for everyone, especially God, and it will be a time that true Christians must surely yearn for. That time is coming — the sooner the better.

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