Stay Unified

Coming home from a hard days work, the head of household  was a
bit dismayed to hear his two sons fighting and squabbling in the
basement. Ordering them to stop, he said to them: “Boys, I would like
you to come outside to learn a lesson.” He went to one of the trees in
the yard and picked up a twig, which was about  twenty inches
long. He handed it to his eldest son and said: “ Break this.” His son
did so with ease. He then picked up eight twigs, gave them to his
eldest son and told him: “ Break these.” The son tried very hard, but
he could not do so. He even smashed the twigs across his knees and
still could not break them. He finally admitted that he was unable to
break the eight twigs. The father looked at his sons and said: “ There
is strength in unity.” This was a statement of truth and also a lesson
both boys never forgot. 

By the time you read this
editorial, the Feast of Tabernacles will be over. Hopefully, you have
been inspired and are determined to help finishing the Work that God
has given us to do. This must be done in a unified way, working
together as a team. Fighting and squabbling would only play into the
adversary’s hands. We must stay focused on the job ahead, remaining
faithful to God and doing His Work in a truly united and enthusiastic
manner, as God opens the doors of opportunities for us. Let us all stay
unified, while remembering Mrs. Loma Armstrong’s favorite Scripture in
Psalm 133:1: “Behold , how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to
dwell together in unity!”

©2023 Church of the Eternal God