Deus ex Machina

In ancient Greek plays when a plot came to an impasse, a god would
be lowered onto the stage by a machine, thus the term deus ex machina
or “god from a machine”. This character would then in turn “save the
day”.  Often this would happen near the end of the story when
humans had seemingly irreconcilable differences or insolvable problems.

modern technology and computer graphics the need to lower anyone via a
wooden crane with heavy ropes and pulleys is mostly a thing of the
past.  Today the term has evolved to mean an unexpected solution
when all hope is lost. In some shows it can be manifested as the good
guys appearing on the hill top at the last minute or winning the
lottery so the hero can continue in his noble cause.

While some
literary purists just call it poor writing, this plot device parallels
reality all too closely.  As events on the world stage continue to
play themselves out, man unwittingly acts out his role with uncanny
accuracy.  Following the script to a tee, the last scene is
unfolding with wars, pestilence, famine and false prophets…no need to
cue the special effects.

Then with the world on the brink of
total and utter annihilation… enter God and what an entrance it will
be.  Though there won’t be any ropes, there will be strings
attached.  You will have to listen to the Director’s commands. In
order to be saved, you will have to exit stage right when you have been
going left.   

Our lines have been written out for us
and we have seen the example of the Lead Man.  As His understudy,
let’s read our part, memorize it, and ACT accordingly.

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