God Can't Bless Us

I just read an article that has my head reeling and a gamut of emotions pulling me in every direction. It was originally published in the NY Times and it explains why America’s days are numbered.

You can find a copy of the editorial here in case the original is archived or removed in the future. If you haven’t read the piece yet, please do so before continuing. The article describes Amy Richards’ maligned thought process which is germane to the opening paragraph as well as the subsequent ones.

I don’t know where to begin except to say that the article is unconscionable on so many levels. Amy openly admits that she killed at least 2 children because she put home location, shopping options, travel restrictions and her freelance career above their LIFE.

Her description of events is cold and without remorse. It is filled with euphemisms such as “selective reduction” instead of murder. She wields the words “potassium chloride” without regard to the fact that it is the drug of preference on death row. This drug is being used on blameworthy criminals and yet Amy Richards is using it to casually take the lives of the most innocent, an unborn child.

The tone of her words are flippant and without conscience. The real problem is that this reflects the blatant, frequent and wide acceptance of the act of abortion. Since abortion was legalized in the US in 1973 there have been over 32 million unborn children killed and around the world the figure hits 46 million EVERY year. Can we really fathom the magnitude of these numbers?

What a stench in the nostrils of God this must be!

As a nation we claim to have achieved the highest levels of societal evolution and yet we condone barbarism. We ask God to “Bless America” while we slap Him in the face and break the most fundamental of His laws.

As a country, we are not allowing God to bless us and as a result He is removing His protection and blessings that we have enjoyed for so long. The end result of the sins that are being committed will be a captivity and enslavement as prophesied in the Bible. That is unless we repent of our ways and our carnality and submit to God’s way.

With the arrogant flaunting of God’s ways, as Amy Richards has done, the time of the end can not be too far away. Now more than ever we must be about our Father’s business.

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