I recently returned from a two week holiday where I was able to rest, relax and read. I did quite a lot of reading, including newspaper reports of both domestic and international matters. It reminded me that the frog in boiling water was alive and kicking. We have written about this syndrome before, but for those few who have not heard the story about this creature, it is worth briefly repeating — and it can even serve as a reminder to those of us who have used this expression in the past. Being cold blooded means that frogs are unable to regulate their body temperature independently of their environment. As the water was heated, almost imperceptibly, the frog in the water didn’t know what was happening. It was boiled alive, as the temperature increased. Isn’t that an almost perfect description of the way society has progressed over eons of time, but particularly in more recent years?

With the hectic pace of life today, we generally may only have time to review things superficially, without looking at the profound consequences of a deterioration in standards of personal and family life. This is certainly true in the UK, where we observe an increasing legislative process, which generally doesn’t favor standards of normalcy and decency. The UK, as well as other Western European nations, is also swamped with governmental intrusion where there should be no influence. If we add to this the pressure groups which promote Biblically unacceptable practices, we find that the mix is less than encouraging. The man in the street generally accepts these changes with little opposition because they come so very slowly. If they came apace, there would be much more adverse reaction. Satan knows how to manipulate society, but God’s people are not to be ignorant of his ploys (2 Corinthians 2:11).

On my vacation, I read of so many situations where God and His way were not considered, were ignored or summarily dismissed as irrelevant. God’s people have to be aware of the story about the frog in boiling water. Because of our hectic lifestyles, we can be so busy that we can become less and less perceptible to this crafty Satanic approach. We do need to make time to review what is going on and to make sure that we are not caught unawares. Let us always remember that frog!

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