A Question of Balance

One of the greatest problems that people in general have, is that of right balance. Why is it that so many can be extreme in their approach, behavior and attitude? Of course, some would see balance as the middle road where fence sitting is a prime attribute and where indecision can reign. That, however, is not true and right balance. Whilst there may be individuals that can fall into such a category, they would not exemplify real balance.

We are to be a light to the world and to set the very best example. Do others see us as truly balanced individuals? Lack of true balance in our Christian lives can impact negatively on the way that others view us and the Christianity that we espouse. It can reduce our effectiveness in this area.

True balance means stability and constancy. It means that we have to become more like God the Father and Jesus Christ. They are the two most balanced individuals that it is possible to be. Malachi 3:6 is a simple little verse but with so much meaning: “For I am the LORD, I do not change.” God is never changing, always constant and balanced. Hebrews 13:8 gives us the same ringing endorsement of Jesus Christ: “Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

God wants us to build His characteristics — the traits of His own nature — into our lives and into the way that we act and behave. Over the years, the true Church of God, “the mother of us all,” has engendered stability and growth in us through a balanced diet of sound doctrinal teaching, personal prayer, study and occasional fasting. The ministry strives to have a balanced approach to sermon subjects, including Christian living, doctrine, and prophecy, as we all continue to strive to be balanced in all things.

True balance is so important. Balance is not extreme. Suicide bombers are extremists. Trappist monks, known for their silence, are extremists. How can extremists interact with fellow human beings and be useful in society? People who watch television all day, every day, are extreme in their behavior, and so are Church members who focus solely and exclusively on prophecy.

We should be thoroughly balanced individuals. In short, balance is required in every aspect of our lives. We are to be followers of Christ. Let us follow Him in this most important area of our Christian lives — that of true and godly balance.

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