"That's Good, That's Bad"

Growing up we used to play a game called “That’s Good, That’s Bad”. One person would start a scenario and then everyone would chime in accordingly and say, “That’s good!”, except for the next person in the circle who would say, “No, that’s bad because…” and then everyone would say in unison, “Oh, that’s bad!”, except for the next person in the circle who would say, “No, that’s good because…” and so on and so forth.

For example:
A young man went riding on his favorite horse one day.
That’s good.
No, that’s bad because he fell off and broke his leg.
Oh, that’s bad
No, that’s good because a war broke out and he wasn’t able to be recruited.
Oh, that’s good.
No, that’s bad because…

It was a good opportunity to teach us as children that not everything that seemed good was good nor was everything that seemed bad,bad.

The same is true for us today as adults in God’s Church. We are enduring many trials and sometimes we may wonder to what end. We may ask ourselves how anything good could possibly come out of what I am going through now. We can rest assured knowing that God is working out a purpose in our lives, one in which He is refining us and shaping us into His image.

There is a reason for what we are going through now and many times when we say, “Oh, that’s bad”, God is saying, “No, that’s good!”. During these times of hardship it is our part to be happy with whatever state that find ourselves in and to be thankful in all things as God does a GOOD work in us.

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